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Sheesham Wood Bedside Tables

Solid Sheesham Wood Bedside Tables available in light & Dark Wood Finishes.

Durable Indian Rosewood Furniture handmade from the finest selection of timbers.

Furthermore, some of our Rosewood Bedside Tables are available in left & right sided door openings to suit placement in the bedroom.

In addition, whether you are looking for something traditional or modern in design we have many styles and designs to suit your needs.

For extra reassurance in durability and sturdiness you will find most products are supplied as assembled.

As a result, when purchasing there will be no headache from insufficient diagrams or multiple pieces to assemble.

What you see is what you get which is nothing but good Solid Wood Furniture ready for use!

Our Jali & Ganga Furniture Ranges are some popular traditional collections to mention.

However, if you’re looking for something more modern our Aspen or Zen Range may be more for you.

Please note colour in true life may vary. This is due to image exposure, screen brightness and many other factors which affect the visual appearance.

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