News Flash! eBay Down - Site Outage | Furniture Supplies UK

eBay Website & App Inaccessible!

As of 7.30 am this morning the eBay website and application has been inaccessible for many users across the UK.The eBay site went down and came back online for a short period however the service has been hit by an outage once more.The eBay app fails to load the site and presents users with a blank error screen with the message “Oops! Something went wrong.”The issue was originally reported at approximately 7.30am GMT, many eBay users are suffering from the major outage this morning with thousands of users reporting that they can not log in or access the website via the eBay smartphone app.

Service Unavailable

“Service Unavailable” displayed on screen for many business owners with a crippling start to the day!Will this be resolved soon? This is the question many of us are asking, especially whilst trying to update our Sheesham Furniture Listings!The issue is worse than first thought, it also seems that most of Europe and also Australia are equally affected by the outage.Users have flooded social media and forums expressing their anger as many have auctions to bid on and unable to, also many business sellers are not able to send out customers orders.
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