Which Wood Type Is Suitable For You!

When browsing our store you will notice we stock two types of Wooden furniture,

Sheesham Wood Furniture & Mango Wood Furniture.

The following information has been provided to assist you in deciding and choosing which Wood type is more suitable for your needs.

Natural Mango

Light Mango Wood
Light Mango Wood


Honey Sheesham

Honey Colour Sheesham Wood
Honey Colour Sheesham Wood

Sheesham Furniture

Hand-Crafted from beautiful Indian Rosewood found in India where most trees are allowed to grow for as long as 25 years during which they can reach up to a staggering 30 meters tall, the main tree trunk can also reach around 1.5 meters in width!

The Wood produced by these trees is very dense, heavy, and very strong this makes it perfect for manufacturing strong and durable real solid Wood furniture, the Woodgrain and colour variations make each piece even more so unique, this furniture is very hard-wearing which if cared for correctly can last the owner many years to come.

Due to the variation in wood grains each piece of Sheesham Furniture is truly unique in its own way, this means one piece will never be exactly the same as another giving it its own unique appearance and character.

Here is another example of our Jali Sheesham Wood Furniture finished in the stunning and very popular Honey Colour stained finish.

Honey Jali Sheesham Wood Furniture
Honey Jali Sheesham Wood Furniture

Mango Furniture

Mango Wood is a tropical hardwood from an evergreen tree, most of us relate the Mango Tree directly with Mango Fruit overlooking its versatile ability to be used in Furniture making.

As you are most likely aware the Mango Wood tree bears nutritious Mango fruit, it is highly sustainable and is allowed to grow until it bears fruit no more, once this stage of the tree’s life has been reached it is then cut down to be treated ready for use as timber.

Like Sheesham, Mango is also a very attractive hardwood it is very strong and durable however it is not as dense nor nearly as heavy as Sheesham which makes it much easier to maneuver or move around from time to time.

Here is another example of our Dark Walnut Brown stain finished Dakota Mango Wood Furniture.

Dakota Dark Mango Wood Furniture
Dakota Dark Mango Wood Furniture

Sheesham Wood Vs Mango Wood. So which one do I choose?

Both of these Woods are hardwoods that are very strong, durable with natural and beautiful markings. However, Sheesham is most definitely more durable than Mango and the beautiful Wood grain variations are visibly clear to see this also represents a much higher grain variation and capacity.

Overall Colour

Sheesham = Variable Wood grain with colour variations (2 tone appearance)

Mango = More consistent Wood grain with less colour variations

In a nutshell, both kinds of wood produce beautiful furniture, which one you should choose basically boils down to personal preference