Industrial Coffee Tables

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Our Industrial Coffee Tables are handmade using mainly solid wood such as Mango, Acacia and reclaimed boat wood. Industrial metal frames are also very common in these Industrial furniture designs.. Various sizes and styles to choose from. Will look great with many types of home décor and also modern interiors. We offer a large variety of Wooden Coffee Tables that are Industrial and also handmade from Mango wood (wood sourced locally in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines). This wood is a natural product that is harvested from trees in the rainforest. It’s a 100% sustainable product that does not damage the environment in anyway. This natural naturally beautiful wood is used to build many furniture items such as tables, chairs, shelving, lamps etc. It’s also used to make some of our most popular Mango furniture collections such as our Yoga range, Mango Dakota furniture, Industrial furniture etc. Why Are These Industrial Coffee Tables So Popular? Most of all they are highly sustainable with a low footprint, this type of furniture is becoming more and more popular in this day and age as people are becoming more aware of the damages caused to our planet when using other non eco friendly materials. And of course this type of furniture created either with reclaimed wood and metal or sustainably sourced timbers such as Mango.  Many Industrial living room tables are simply just upcycled from old buildings creating a perfect eco-friendly addition to any space, whether it’s in the living room, kitchen or office. Here are some reasons why Industrial Coffee Tables are so popular. 1. They’re very durable and weatherproof 2. They’re strong and sturdy 3. They take up minimal space 4. They look great on any décor, whether it be metal or wood 5. Last but not least! They have zero impact on our environment.